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Péron Wine Box - SOLD OUT

Péron Wine Box - SOLD OUT

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Whether you love drinking natural wine and discovering new wine regions, or you are a serious wine geek, this box is what you're looking for.
Also known as the of of the pillars in the Savoie's winemaking, Jean-Yves Péron Domaine lies in the Haute-Savoie, a region still much to be discovered. Here we find a few, and very peculiar, local varieties: spicy Mondeuse for the reds, crisp Jacquère and Chasselas, richer and more honeyed Altesse and Roussane for the whites. 

Now, Jean-Yves manages around 1.5 hectares of tiny parcels which he vinifies separately. He chooses to ferment in whole bunches for his white and red grapes but for varying amounts of times. He is incredibly meticulous in the cellar and the results in his wines are extraordinary. 

His wines are full of character, distinctive spices, spokesman for this territory.


Poire de la Combe d'Ire 2014, Pear Cider

Les Voisins Blanc 2016, Riesling 

I Vicini Moscato 2017, Moscato

I Vicini Barbera 2017, Barbera

Champ Levat 2016, Mondeuse

Les Voisins Rouge 2016, Carignan/ Cabernet Sauvignon