About us

Established in 2010, La Cabane was set with the intention of bringing natural & biodynamic wines, being at the forefront of the natural wine movement in Hong Kong. The journey started with our Cellar shop, nestled in between the cobbled streets of Hollywood Road. A few years later, the family got bigger and, just a couple of streets apart, our Bistro was born. We carefully and personally select our winemakers and partners, looking after the wines with care, and bring them to you in the most sustainable way possible.

We pick our wines from small artisan growers because we believe in their small scale philosophy: sustainability, organically or biodynamically grown vineyards, harvested by hand with the minimal intervention in the winery. Our aim is to present wines that most sympathetically reflect the place from which they originate, the nature of the vintage itself and the personality of the grower. Wines that define terroir.

About certification: it is a necessary condition but not sufficient. This is why for us is so important to be in close relationship with our winemakers, to know in depth how they work in order to trust their wines.

Organic farming allows the use of fertilisers and pesticides derived by nature, synthetic chemicals are not permitted, with the only option for copper and sulphur in restricted use.

Developed by philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Biodynamic farming is much more than a method; it is a holistic way of seeing the natural world that focuses on regenerative practices, understanding that farming can be attuned to the forces of the Cosmo.

Natural wine or low-intervention wine is, simply put, nothing is added and nothing is taken away. Doing as little as possible to interfere with the course of nature, being aware that the vine is already in balance with its ecosystem.