Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business. 根據香港法律,不得在業務過程中,向未成年人(18歲以下人士)售賣或供應令人醺醉的酒類。

Domaine Jousset

Montlouis-sur-Loire, Loire Valley, France

 "Wine is made to be shared."   - Bertrand Jousset 

Lise and Bertrand Jousset set in Montlouis-sur-Loire in 2003 and committed to biodynamic viticulture since. After giving up some parcels in the last year due to climatic conditions, they nowadays farm 7.5 hectares.
Bertrand’s wine growing experience began when he joined a viticulture program in Amboise after a stint in the military. Lise, originally growing up on a dairy farm south of Nantes, came to wine as a server in the UK and France, then as a sommelier in Paris. The two moved to the left bank of the Loire, seeking the freedom and reasonable cost of land that Touraine afforded to aspiring vignerons. They were also determined to grow the best Chenin Blanc possible.
The vineyards are spread across 25 parcels with vines ranging from 30 to 130 years for the oldest vines, with even some franc de pieds! The Jousset’s fundamental and profound respect for nature, led them to exclude herbicides and pesticides to preserve the natural balance that the biological diversity in the vineyards offers. Thanks to them, more young vignerons kept coming to Montlouis (on the left bank of the Loire River opposite Vouvray) - creating a noticeable shift and bringing this appellation into its own, previously considered  not much more than Vouvray’s sidekick. 

Bertrand and Lise Jousset