Dane Johns

Momento Mori, Australia

For more than twenty years before becoming a winemaker in 2013, Dane Johns worked as a barista. This taught him how different aromas and flavours work, and to understand and recognise balance – skills he directly transferred to his winemaking.  Dane decided to gain experience by working several vintages – in Australia and Europe, to work with wineries he admired. His passion for winemaking grew, and while he’s working towards planting or owning vineyards, he currently works with growers in Victoria who share his philosophy. He released his first wines under the Momento Mori label – wines that have since been described as being full of character, freshness, purity, and being ‘alive’.  

"I used to be a musician... I started making electronic music and then took the step to do everything with analog gear and not use digital gear at all. I guess I've adapted that philosophy to winemaking." - Dane Johns


Gippsland, Victoria


1.5 hectares


Ironstone, Dolerite, Jasper, Green Basalt

Varieties cultivated

Pinot Noir, Syrah, Fiano, Vermentino, Moscato Giallo, Malvasia Istrana, Nosiola

Yields/Annual production

2,500 bottles


Wild yeast, no new oak, no mechanical pumps, no fining, no filtration, no additions, including no S02



Credit picture: La Cave des Papilles