Sebastopol, California 

“Our wines are a celebration of the year and seasons in which they are made, always unique and different, no two bottlings are ever the same.”Scott and Jenny Schultz

Jolie-Laide, which translates loosely to “Pretty-Ugly”, is a French term of endearment to describe something that is unconventionally beautiful. Under this name, winemaker Scott Schultz, with his wife Jenny, make unique and highly sought-after wines, for which he is being heralded as one of California’s most exciting and talented winemakers.

With a microscopic production, his winemaking method is simple; whole cluster, foot crushed, aged in neutral oak and the outcome is magnificent. Scott works with a handful of growers many of which farm organically; it is in his ability to seek out spectacular vineyard sites which allow him to be hands off in the winemaking process.

The labels change every year, featuring a different artist or art collective.