Philippe & Tony Bornard

Philippe & Tony Bornard, Jura

Philippe and Tony vinify many different wines (sparkling, whites, reds) but always under the two appellations of Côtes du Jura or Arbois-Pupillin, where they live, near the Swiss border.Philippe Bornard has worked the vine for a long time but has only used the little fox tag since 2005. Philippe used to produce grapes for the village’s cooperative while keeping some to make a few barrels of wines. As it was commonly known that he made the best non-labelled wine, Philippe decided to become a full-time winemaker in his early 50s.  


The vinification process is entirely natural without the addition of sulfur. The maturation is slow and soft, as Philippe prefers to let the grapes ferment by themselves, and uses very old tanks. His son Tony is also making wines in the same area, under the eponym label of Tony Bornard. Philippe and Tony will slowly merge together as Tony will be the one taking care of the estate in the future.




Arbois-Pupillin and Côtes du Jura


7 hectares


Mainly limestone soils

Varieties cultivated

Trousseau, Plousard, Chardonnay, Savagnin

Yields/Annual production

30,000 bottles


Organically farmed, very low sulfur, natural fermentation


Ecocert (2012)