Sébastien Bobinet & Emeline Calvez

Domaine Bobinet, Loire Valley
Sébastien Bobinet inherited two hectares of old-vines estate in 2003, that he has since expanded to a 7-hectare-vinyard. Native of Saumur, he is from a winegrower' family, who  has organically worked this tuffeau-limestone-clay soil for generations. Since 2011, he is farming the estate with his partner Emeline Calvez, a former dancer trained sommelier.
"We simply want to work following an ethic we hold dear, the pillars of which are: health, ecology, enjoyment, quality, humanity, sustainability." - Sébastien Bobinet


Saumur, France


AOC Saumur Champigny


7 hectares


Tuffeau, limestone and clay soils

Varieties cultivated

Cabernet Franc, Pineau d'Aunis, Chenin Blanc

Age of vines 

65 years old


Hand harvested, de-stemmed and fermented naturally. Ageing in 330-L oak barrels for up to 18 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered without addition of sulfur. No additives. Natural malolactic fermentation.



Website domaine-bobinet.com

Amateus Bobi 2013

Hanami 2018 

Ruben 2013

Poil de lievre 2018