Tom Shobbrook

Shobbrook Wines, Australia

Tom travelled across Europe for six years, mostly in Italy and France, before he returned to his family vineyard in the Barossa Valley in 2007. Although the place was not renowned for organic farming and winemaking, Tom knew from the beginning that he wanted to grow the grapes biodynamically, without any additions and as naturally as possible. His authentic approach has convinced several other growers of the Barossa Valley to work naturally without the use of chemicals or artificial additives. The wines he produces that way are sold under the name of Didi and all bear Italian-inspired names, as a reminder of Shobbrook’s past in Italy.  

"I tend to think of wine like a diary. It shows a bit of a journey. It’s your time from that year but what you’ve done with your life as well. It shows how you make your wines because of what you’ve tasted or what you’ve seen or where you’ve worked—and that whole journey hopefully shows through the bottles." 
- Tom Shobbrook


South Australia, Barossa Valley


9 hectares


Terra Rossa, sedimentary loam with deep gravel

Varieties cultivated

Shiraz, Riesling, Carignan

Yields/Annual production

6,500 cases


Natural, no additions during winemaking, low sulfur




Beach+ 2018


See Change 2017

Cinsault 2018

Poolside 2018

Giallo 2017

Riesling 2018