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Established in 2010, La Cabane is at the forefront of the natural wine movement in Hong Kong. We offer over 700 different wines from around the World, sourced directly from individual winemakers. Our aim is to present wines that most sympathetically reflect the place from which they originate, the nature of the vintage itself and the personality of the grower to encapsulate the notion of terroir. 
The wines come from small artisanal growers who work organically or biodynamically in the vineyards, with the minimal intervention in the winery. Much of the farming is labour-intensive, often done with horses rather than tractors, and all of the grapes are picked and selected by hand. Yields, usually from old vines, are low. Fermentations are made with wild yeasts and most of these wines are made without addition of SO2 (Sulphur dioxide), unfiltered and unfined.
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Our wine list changes often, if any conflict, the final prices are the one shown at the Bistro.